First Impressions of Mac OS X Lion


The first thing I noticed right after installing it on my computer is that they inverted the scrolling direction with Mac OS X Lion. So, when you scroll up using your touchpad or the scroll wheel on your mouse, you navigate down on a page and vice versa. They imitated the touch-operated interface of iPhone. In my humble opinion, this is a very bad design choice. You might find it very frustrating and difficult to get used to. However, you don’t have to get used to it, as you can switch back to the original settings easily.


Lion recognized the NTFS partition on my hard disk and my NTFS-formatted external hard drive, but, unfortunately, there is no write support. I really hope they will fix this issue with an update, because it is kind of annoying to have to use 3rd-party applications to do such an elementary task.


They’ve shrunk the three little buttons at the top-left corners of windows. I don’t know why they did this or if there is a way to switch back to the old buttons. They look kind of weird.


I really liked the Launchpad. It makes it very easy to find and run an application quickly. They introduced a touchpad gesture for it, too, but you need 4 fingers -that’s right, four- to perform it. This makes it a little hard, but I like it anyway.

To be continued…

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