iOS Projects

xkcd Lite

Uvarovitexkcd Lite (codenamed Uvarovite) is a free, lightweight and open-source comic reader for the webcomic xkcd. I designed it to be small, minimalistic and fast. It has the very basic features you might expect from a comic reader, and not much else.


xkcd Lite is free to use and free of ads. However, if you like the app and really want to show your appreciation, you can buy me a 🍺.

▸ View xkcd Lite on App Store.
▸ View screenshots.
▸ See the source code on GitHub.

Ayran 2.0 (Usenet Reader for METU-CENG)

cow-blue-120Please note that this is not a general purpose Usenet reader. You MUST have a valid METU-CENG username/password in order to be able to use Ayran.

Ayran 2.0 is a lightweight newsgroup reader (Usenet client) designed and written to be used exclusively by METU-CENG people. With Ayran, you can connect to the department’s news server, check out your favorite newsgroups, read&write messages, reply to other messages and cancel your messages.

Ayran 2.0 is available on the App Store.
Source code is available on GitHub.